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Ms Olga Petrenko

Olga Petrenko
Role in SRA
Regional Chief Financial Officer
Representing Company
Allianz SE, Reinsurance
Account Sub-Committee
Sub-Committee Convenors 2024-2025

Since August 2020, Olga Petrenko has been leading the Finance team at Allianz SE Reinsurance Branch Asia Pacific as the Regional Chief Finance Officer. She oversees all financial matters, including accounting, reporting, tax, treasury, actuarial functions, risk & compliance, business continuity management, and outsourcing for Allianz Re in Singapore.

With over 19 years of experience in the insurance and reinsurance industry, Olga has held several key positions in various organizations. After completing her Master's degree in Economics and Management Science, she began her professional career as a Securities Analyst at Gerling Group in Cologne. She then transitioned into consultancy, where she spent almost 10 years supporting banks and insurance companies in strategic projects and implementing regulatory requirements such as Solvency II.

Prior to her role at Allianz Re, Olga spent six years at the headquarters of Allianz SE in Group Risk, where she was responsible for the implementation and operation of the Allianz Group Internal Model, as well as revamping the Allianz Group Risk Architecture.

Olga Petrenko has held the title of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) since 2008.