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About Us - Identity


The rationale behind the Singapore Reinsurers' Association (SRA) logo is deeply rooted in its core values and objectives:

Global Outreach:

The logo's design embodies SRA's commitment to global outreach by incorporating elements of the globe that resonate universally, ensuring its recognition and relevance across diverse markets and regions.

Networking Excellence:

Symbolic elements within the logo represent the essential networking between SRA and its member companies and industry partners. These connections are depicted as intertwined bold lines and shapes of the SRA letterings, highlighting the association's role as a facilitator of collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Recognition and Assurance:

The logo's design evokes a sense of trust and credibility, reflecting SRA's core attributes of recognition and assurance. Clear and professional typography, coupled with strong visual elements, communicates reliablity and integrity, instilling confidence in stakeholders.

Symbolism of Blue Shades:

The choice of different shades of blue in the logo symbolizes strength, steadfastness, and reliability, aligning with SRA's values. The lighter tones add a touch of approachability and friendliness, ensuring that the association remains welcoming and inclusive.

Geographical Representation:

The inclusion of a red triangle on the letter 'A', pointing to Singapore on a globe, emphasizes the association's geographical roots and strategic positioning within the global reinsurance market.

Representation of Identity: 

Through cohesive design elements, the logo effectively communicates SRA's identity as a pivotal entity in the Singaporean reinsurance landscape. It reflects the association's significance and influence within the industry, emphasizing its role as a central pillar of support and advancement. Overall, the SRA logo serves as a visual representation of the association's values, objectives, and identity, embodying its commitment to global outreach, networking excellence, recognition, and assurance in the reinsurance industry.

SRA Logo