Green Bird Reinsurance Company

Membership Type:
Associate Member
SRA Member Since:
Chief Representative Name:
Julian Coates
Chief Representative Designation:
Chief Executive Officer
Office Address:
18 Robinson Rd
#17-01 18 Robinson
Singapore 048547
+65 65594500
Web URL:
Geographical Scope of Operations:

Singapore: Non-Life (FAC)

Malaysia: Non-Life (FAC)

Indonesia: Non-Life (FAC)

Philippines: Non-Life (FAC)

Brunei: Non-Life (FAC)

Thailand: Non-Life (FAC)

Vietnam: Non-Life (FAC)

Cambodia: Non-Life (FAC)

Laos: Non-Life (FAC)

Myanmar: Non-Life (FAC)

Hongkong: Non-Life (FAC)

Macau: Non-Life (FAC)

China: Non-Life (FAC)

Taiwan: Non-Life (FAC)

South Korea: Non-Life (FAC)

Japan: Non-Life (FAC)

Mongolia: Non-Life (FAC)

India: Non-Life (FAC)

Pakistan: Non-Life (FAC)

Sri Lanka: Non-Life (FAC)

Bangladesh: Non-Life (FAC)

Nepal: Non-Life (FAC)

Bhutan: Non-Life (FAC)

Maldives: Non-Life (FAC)

Australia: Non-Life (FAC)

New Zealand: Non-Life (FAC)

Papua New Guinea: Non-Life (FAC)

Fiji: Non-Life (FAC)

Guam: Non-Life (FAC)

Middle East/Africa: Middle East & Africa
Remark: Can be reviewed.

Other Regions: United States of America