Membership Categories

1. Ordinary Membership
Risk bearing corporations that are licensed by the relevant authorities in Singapore and transact a substantial portfolio of reinsurance business.
2. Associate Membership
Corporations, organisations or individuals associated or connected with or interested in the insurance business or reinsurance business; and may include:
  • risk bearing companies that have ceased active underwriting operations;
  • insurance and reinsurance intermediaries;
  • loss adjusters and surveyors;
  • credit rating agencies;
  • catastrophe modelers;
  • actuarial, audit, legal and other consulting firms. 
3. Affiliate Membership
Insurance, reinsurance and related industry associations and other organisations that share common goals and interests with the Association and wish to enter into a collaborative relationship with the Association. 
4. Honorary Membership
Individuals whom the Executive Committee consider to have made a significant contribution to the reinsurance industry in Singapore.