SRA organises series of Contract Certainty Dialogue sessions

At the request of the Contract Certainty Workgroup (CCWG), the SRA organised a series of dialogue sessions for facultative reinsurance underwriters on 18, 19 and 20 March 2015.  A total of 80 facultative reinsurance underwriters from SRA and GIA member companies attended the three sessions, which were conducted by Mr Nick Cochrane, a CCWG member, at the LIA Conference room.  

The dialogue sessions were organised in an effort to improve the market average Contract Certainty (CC) results, which has still fallen short of the 85% mark, which the MAS had targeted to be achieved by the Dec 2014 reporting month.  During the Dialogue sessions, the underwriters also shared their perspectives on possible measures that can be adopted to help raise the CC rates.  

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